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  • Erma BreAnn

I just finished my website, this website, and because for some odd reason my mother is my best friend so I wanted to show her first. I showed her all the pages and even asked for her advice on a few titles. Basically, I was setting myself up. My mom is real - honest. I knew if she didn't like it, she would definitely tell me. I knew she may or may not like my pictures but I was prepared to overlook any criticism she may give regarding them. Surprisingly she everything was fine. She liked that because - well hell - she came up with it.

After taking a look at my hard work my mother asked me in her most obnoxious and patronizing voice, "What is this for?" I immediately wanted to rethink this entire project. Unlike other folks, I am not my biggest critic. If I am, it is because I judge myself with my mother's fine tooth comb before she gets a chance. I literally asked myself "what will my mother think?", before I do anything. I not only thought, what will my mother think? I thought, what will others think?

Somewhere in changing this website over and over to meet profection, I realized - I will either succeed or fail but opinions won't be the reason.

So I thought, What is this for?

It's for myself. Also to share my work with others even if I only share with friends and family. I have real life events and fictional stories, I can no longer keep to myself. As I strive to be published, I figured, I'll create a space to share in the meantime.

Feel free to be apart of this journey with me.


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