• Erma BreAnn

We were three

Words in playfulness

Tangled together we made one

Tree - made of roots trunk branches and leaves

- Sign

Initials in hearts on chipped bark

We bought into an acronym

- to signify our love

I knew trouble was coming

When my forever started to come apart

I didn't see you coming

Your words like assault

To my fifteen year old heart

Why didn't I protect myself

Why didn't I fight back



- Victim

Never said your name again

I never called you friend again


Are all I can say

Because I no longer know your name

The things I loved


By air

Words floating out of teenage lips


Not knowing words create pain

I am afraid to repeat

- What did I say?

Sunshine dulled by cold air

The seasons in our lives change

It's autumn

No longer my favorite

I can't see beauty in this

Friday, I stood in front of you

Like a speck in your memory

You'd forget I poured my heart to you

My fear you gave away


Mocked my unsigned feelings

Like you had none

We begrudgingly let them ruin us

Regret in forms of too late apologizes


I miss

Like Sunday's in bright dresses

Blue skies and a basketball

My trampoline

And our legs in the air

Comfortable silences

And you

I can't remember you

Your laugh

Your voice

I don't know


Whimsical playful branches

I carved hearts in you


Sweet and cherry cheeks

Matured and outgrew silliness

I fell in love with yellow orange shaped freedom

And blew away around November

Erma BreAn

#poem #ermabreann #lifeblog

© 2019 by Erma BreAnn.

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