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  • Erma BreAnn

I am Black

A Multicolored blend

I am my ancestors on my skin

I’ve been blueBlack

I’ve been sunkissed, sunbathed, sunburned, sundrenched

I've been a mirror for the moon Black

Recharged Black

My skin rich

Like my ancestors

I've been beat

I am slavery

And freedom

And resilient

My skin don't bruise

My skin don't show marks

Of its misuse

Like lightskin do

I’ve been light skinned too

Like wheat

Like cotton before it's bleached

Before it was picked by my mother's mother's mother's mother

And I

Hand picked to be Black

Thank God for that

I am Black

A tight fist that wades in patience

I'm Black like patience

Like wait

I told my lover’s hands to wait

But they didn’t

I’m still patient

Like my mother

She stay praying

Like her knees Black from praying

For my cheating daddy and his sins passed down on me

She pray for my Black skin

For me


until they get ready

To love my Blue Yellow Red Black Skin

I’ll wait

We too old to still be waiting though

I’m Black patience

I'm Black tired

Tired of waiting but we Black suppose have patience

I am patient


for my Black skin to turn white

Like dead people

Like the dead people walking around killing us Black people


They skin will turn black too

Like dirt

Like Mother Earth

She Black

Like birthing bags

Black women carry secrets in wombs

I make room

For Black to bloom

Like Poinsettias

Like Black Magic Hollyhock

Like that flower that only blooms in the dark

I’m Black

With rights

With permission

With dignity

With poise

With magic

With god-like power

I am God’s daughter

And i

Hand picked to be Black

I thank my Father for that.

Erma BreAnn

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