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Onto queerer things. I’m a basic lesbian/queer person. I have an unapologetic habit of only watching movies or television shows which feature lesbians and/or queers. This obsession has lead me to watch many television shows and movies; some even in foreign languages because I’m that invested in my addiction. Over the years, I’ve spent many hours on treasure hunts for black lesbians in film.

A few weeks ago Amazon upload a film I haven't seen or heard existed. Being a lesbian/queer film and television connoisseur, I was surprised the title never crossed my search engine. When I saw the cover photo with two beautiful black women it was like a dream come true landed on my lap. I immediately curled up in my chair turning on this sexy black film about two women falling in love. I texted my best friend through the entire forty-five minutes because it was giving me life and I needed to share with another black queer. My little basic queer self watched it twice in one night. I mean because why not?

If you haven’t already taken a peek and you need some reasons why; here are 4 reasons you should watch A Luv Tale:

1. This movie came out in 1999

Wow, come on! In the words of Kanye, “Eighteen years, Eighteen years.” This movie has been out for eighteen years and I must say not watching it would be disrespectful. I’m not going to stress about how hard it was to find it. Well like I stated, I didn’t find it, it found me. I’m grateful. As many lesbian films and shows I’ve watched I still get excited for another one. I’m even more into the fact it released in 1999. I feel as if I’m watching a treasure when I find something old. Again, I didn’t find it, it found me so even better. It’s there, on Amazon. Watch it!


2. Michelle Lamar-Richards and MC Lyte

Let’s talk about Michelle Lamar-Richards and her gorgeous self. If you don’t know who I’m talking about she played sister to Whitney Houston’s character in The Bodyguard. If you are anything like my movie challenged best friends and haven’t seen The Bodyguard, do that now and get your life together because it’s a Whitney Houston classic. Michelle Lamar-Richards is beautiful and I will say her whole name every single time I mention her. I could watch her bite her bottom lip all day. Let’s take a minute to watch her do just that with a clip of The Bodyguard.

Back to my point. She does not rest solely on her beauty, she is also a great actress and talented. In the film, A Luv Tale, there is this intense and sensual scene involving her hair that was simply amazing. With that being said, let’s also give it up to Gina Ravera for role in this film. I mean, I would literally give it up to both of them. I’m also easy as hell but this isn’t about me.

To my forever crush, Mc Lyte. Now that she’s married to a man, this movie is probably the closest I’m going to get to Mc Lyte being a lesbian. Although, she doesn’t have much screen time she still managed to make my night and day. The attitude and the interrogation she gave her friend was completely me. I think we all have a friend like her character, Aklia. I’m overlooking the fact the film doesn’t clearly confirm if Aklia is gay but I give no fucks. Watch it and you tell me what you think.

3. Black Women Love Black Women

I’m not going to go in depth with the side of me who was screaming at the screen “Don’t touch her! Stop talking so damn sexy to her!” the entire time. It killed me when Taylor (Gina Rivera) told Candice (Michelle Lamar-Richard) she dreamt about her. Like what the fuck, Taylor! Leave that confused woman alone. Then the other side of me was like “Yaaasss, get you that sexy black woman.” I loved watching them. I love black women and women of color loving one another on screen. I find a story I can relate to and it’s a reflection of my life.

4. There is more to come

This film will leave you wanting more. The surprise ending had me screaming at the screen. Maybe, I am too caught up in all the black queen beauty, but I literally scream every time I watch it as if it’s the first time. As if I don’t know what’s going to happen. Good news there is more to come. So I’m telling you go watch it, right now, because it’s not over. Writer, director, and producer, beautiful black queen Sidra Smith, has set out to pick the film up where it left off with a web series by the same title. Sad news, is there will be an entire new cast. More good news, we shall see new black women on the screen. Who doesn’t want fresh new talent? 

Sidra Smith made this film with me in mind, by me I saying black lesbian/queer women. I admire her for the creation of this film and her desire to bring the story back. The film won many awards, so you know everyone put their best into creating a piece for a community who needed more representation. In 1999, you weren’t seeing black women fall in love with other women. It wasn’t happening. If it was, then I don’t know about it or even where to find it. I will mention again, I didn’t even find this, it found me. Because Amazon knows my heart and clearly so does Sidra Smith.

Click the link below to support the efforts to make the web series happen. Once you watch this film you’ll want to know what the fuck is about to happen. We deserve to see where this story goes.


Erma BreAnn

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